About Us

Welcome to our ELL webpage!!! Together we (Mary Tremain & Christine Bourgeois) work with the students and staff of School District 60 to support the diverse educational needs of our English Language Learning (ELL) students.  Building language skills that allow our students to not only build a strong connection with their school community, but develop the academic language to find success throughout their education journey.

Mary Tremain – works with students and staff at Charlie Lake, Clearview, CM Finch, Margaret Ma Murray,  Hudson’s Hope, Prespatou, Upper Halfway, Buick, Upper Pine, and Wonowon.

Contact Information:

Email: mtremain@prn.bc.ca Phone: (250)262-6050 Fax: (250)785-2269

Christine Bourgeois – works with students and staff at: Alwin Holland, Duncan Cran, Baldonnel, Bert Ambrose, Dr. Kearney, Ecole Central, ELC, Bert Bowes, NPSS, Robert Ogilvie, Taylor, and Anne Roberts Young.

Contact Information:

Email: cbourgeois@prn.bc.ca Phone:(250)262-6096 Fax: (250)785-2269


Some of the services we provide may include:

  • assessing students who may be having difficulty in the classroom because their first language is not English or is a non-standard dialect
  • administering in-depth language assessments to help determine the needs of the student
  • consulting with members of the school-based team to assist in the development of a program for each student which is documented in an Annual Instruction Plan (AIP)
  • participating in team meetings and/or class reviews
  • providing ongoing support to school-based ELL teachers, classroom teachers and educational assistants
  • working directly with individual students or small groups
  • assisting in the development of curricular/instructional adaptations
  • assisting with resources (print material, games, technology)
  • offering workshops to school staff who are supporting ELL students
  • monitoring progress and helping to determine when ELL support is no longer necessary
  • promoting a positive attitude within SD 60 towards multiculturalism in general, and ELL students in particular.